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We Are Paying Attention To The Market,’ Says The Owner Of A Downtown Tacoma Coworking Business That Is Increasing Its Space

WorkSphere, a coworking space in downtown Tacoma, is increasing the number of private offices it offers by threefold to meet increasing demand.

The company occupies the first and second floors of a four-story building at 1120 Pacific Avenue, which has a total floor area of 14,000 square feet.

The city has accepted permits for the company to expand its existing 11 private offices by another 23. In addition to private offices, the WorkSphere provides drop-in work spaces for those who need them.

“We are paying attention to what the market is saying,” said Brittany Saucier, co-founder and head of operations for the company. “We’ve received calls from folks requesting smaller, one-person offices, but we don’t have any available. As a result, we are expanding the number of private offices in order to raise revenue and expand the company.”

Given the large number of new multifamily complexes currently under construction in and around Tacoma’s central business district, Reid Fetters, the owner and creator of FC Group, which designed the project, says he is seeing a lot of interest in coworking spaces in the city.

WorkSphere is located right across the street from a 16-story old office building that was purchased in December by Spokane-based InterUrban Development, which wants to convert the space into residential apartments. Also nearby is the 18-story Washington Building, which was formerly an office building but is currently being turned into residences.

“Within the next two years, you will have 400 to 500 individuals living in the CBD,” Fetters predicted. In Tacoma, there is now a lot of positive momentum building.

Smaller, enterprising enterprises in Tacoma are able to compete on an equal footing because of the availability of private coworking spaces, according to the mayor.

According to Fetters, who built coworking spaces for several years on the East Coast before settling in Tacoma in 2019, “conventional office space has a process that you have to mature through.” Obtaining a broker is necessary; constructing the facility can take anywhere between one and two years. ”

Private offices in coworking spaces are smaller areas that do not have a private kitchen, pantry, or conference room, among other amenities.

“It’s more cost-effective in the near run and provides greater value for your money,” he explained.

According to Fetters, the demand for WorkSphere space demonstrates that the city of Tacoma has a need for more of this type of product.

WorkSphere opened its doors in September 2020 and, according to Saucier, a co-founder of the company, was completely booked within eight months.

The facility, which has been standing for half a century, is owned by DCL Management LLC, a Kirkland-based company that is an investor in WorkSpere. DCL acquired the property in 2013 for $875,000.

A second WorkSphere facility is planned for one of DCL’s Bellevue buildings, at 13606 NE 20th St., which is now under construction. It is scheduled to open in May of this year.

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